Cindy Pate - Spiritual Consult
Breaking down the Barriers
One hour spiritual consults, where I connect with your higher self. The consult is about connecting at a Soul level to assist you in moving forward and getting a fresh perspective. Opening up to all the possibilities around you.

I look forward to getting to know you and facilitating your spiritual discussion.
Simply pick a timeslot that works for you below. All times are in US Pacific Standard Time. 
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MP3 Recording of your Consult: Sometimes you just need the audio track to listen to in your car or while jogging. If hearing the words again is important but you find video distracting, then you'll need this.

Dynamically Updated

I do what I do out of a deep need to be of service. I also believe that valuable service needs to be handsomely rewarded.
If you feel, for whatever reason, that my service has not been of value, then it is my absolute duty to refund every cent paid. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy
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